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How to Use TickTock for B2B Marketing & Who’s Doing It Right

How to Use TickTock for B2B Marketing & Who’s Doing It Right

How to Use TickTock for B2B Marketing & Who’s Doing It Right

Use TickTock for B2B marketing and take your campaign to the next level with engaging, creative social video.

TikTok has earned and earned a good reputation as a powerful B2C marketing tool, due to its visual nature and potential for collaboration with content creators.

But for most B2B companies in India, TickTock is likely at the bottom of their priorities for social media promotion branding & advertising

However, some good B2B companies are recognizing that TickTock can offer more than dance challenges and other entertainment content.

TickTock India is unique among social media platforms for its quality content, cleanliness & authenticity above all else.

Research from LinkedIn’s B2B Institute recently proved that  marketing strategies that appeal to an audience’s emotions are much more effective than those that take a rational approach. However every approach have their own importance.

Rational marketing asks an individual to take action and tells them exactly why they should. Emotional marketing, on the other hand, builds brand awareness, brands presence, online visibility etc.
Individuals are more likely to purchase from a brand they know and have a connection to – which is exactly why TickTock is a valuable channel to add to the top of B2B Companies  sales funnel.


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