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TickTock India Is A Community App

TickTock India Is A Community App

TickTock India Is A Community App            


Greatest strength of TickTock is the sense of community felt by its users.

The study finds:

*69% of users feels that TickTock is like a community, when they use TickTock

*85% of users says, they can express themselves openly when they are on TickTock

*89% of TickTock users say they come across content to which they can relate.

*80% of users say that they will recommend TickTock to others

*83% of users say they read the comments on the posts and videos on TickTock.


TickTock users feel comfortable on the platform and are even engage with one another regularly.

Users on TickTock enjoy their time on TickTock by the unique content they find and feel safe expressing themselves with their own content.

That all helps to explain why Indian TickTock is so popular.

Users even feel more positive toward content from businesses and brands on TickTock compared to other platforms.

That indicates businesses are taking a whole different approach to marketing themselves on TickTock.


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