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How to start getting profit from the first month through your ecommerce business?

How to start getting profit from the first month through your ecommerce business?

Search Engine Optimization

Focus on all the SEO activities and generate organic search results. Always focus on organic search ranking
Google & Bing Shopping.

When you are searching for some product like smart phone, ad will populates on Google with an image and its pricing, the person who is searching and clicking on your smart phone ad will have great chance to purchase your product.
You can setup Google Shopping Feed. Setup your ecommerce site with Google and Bing Shopping. Create a Google Merchant Center account and upload a product feed.

Execute retargeting

As per research usually only 3% conversion is there. It means 97% of people who visit your site will drop off without converting.
You need to focus on retargeting, if we are not doing remarketing we are loosing our customers. Someone.Visitor who visited your site from a Google Shopping campaign could be very interested but due to competitor, he purchased from others. But your retargeting ad could reminds him back to purchase from your site.
We need to place a pixel on the backend of your website to track website visitors.

Execute dynamic retargeting

You could also execute dynamic retargeting ads that will be very affective. Due to dynamic retargeting we can place retargeting ads based on the last ecommerce page the user visited on your site. We can even place special offers and discounts to make them back to our site.
Facebook product catalog is an excellent place to create dynamic retargeting. Google and Bing are also used to implement dynamic retargeting.


Execute and create well-timed pop-ups

Through OptinMonster, develop A/B test lead capture forms without a developer. For example if you need to place offer of 5% percent off for registering your email newsletter. You can opt certain parameters like placing the pop-up only after the user visits 5 pages or if he has on your site for over 45 seconds. OptinMonster will serve a coupon code to the customer.




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