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Why Re-marketing is required To Improve Your Conversion?

Why Re-marketing is required To Improve Your Conversion?

Definition of Remarketing or Retargeting

Remarketing is basically a strategy or a technique by which a user, who has visited a website, is shown ads of it while browsing different websites. This will help in increasing the conversion. It help in targeting those users who have not done any purchase or a registration etc on the website.
Remarketing techniques is done through cookies in the browser. When website is visited by user, some cookies or code fragments are inserted in the browser.
For remarketing technique you need to install a pixel code in the pages of our website that want target number of visitors. We can use remarketing techniques through Adwords and other social media platforms like Facebook.
Types of Remarketing
-Display Ads
-Search Ads in Google search
-Video Ads through Youtube etc


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